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Evalte Silva


Cristiane Almeida


About Us

My name is Cristiane Almeida. God instructed me to be the founder of this project, because
I am a follower of Christ and the Holy Spirit guides in everything I do.
​My education consists of a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in human resources. I studied coaching in 2011 at the Brazilian Coaching Society and in 2018 I specialized in PCCCA in Christian coaching and these experiences have given me the boldness to start this project.
More than a hundred people have received coaching sessions with me. I am also the director of Christian Coaching at the Dardah University of Theology in Massachusetts, as well as a teacher of the Christian Coaching course at the Rescue Generation. Other activities include being a speaker at special events, as well as the author of the book Let Go and Love which is in English and Portuguese.
My husband is Evalte da Silva, and is the president of the Rescue Generation. He also is a pastor in an Assembly of God church, and a worship minister. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in business administration, he became an entrepreneur in the city of Sarasota. He also has a Degree in Christian Coaching and is an advisor on this project.

Why are we here?

A coach does not advise, mentor or treat psychological or schizophrenic trauma. We understand that the greatest need in the world today is related to anxiety about the future and its uncertainties. That’s why the demand for assistance, structured in the love that Christ has taught us is capable of transforming and saving the lives of those who feel abandoned, left behind, injured, or incapacitated.
Our work is serious and ethical, complying with God’s principles, and laws. We understand the commitment we have as human beings, as professionals and as Christians before God, for this work to be carried out. We are taking care of those who God Himself defined as the ones He loves.

Online Course

Christian Coach

Your results will never be the same again, you will become a trainer of future trainers and say goodbye to frustrations with the people you help.

Online Course

Christian government leadership class

This program consists of 44 classes 100% online, which can be taken according to your interest in the topic and without numerical order.
Material produced for use by political, government, business, and personal leadership.
According to biblical teachings.
Dynamic, explanatory and practical lessons for learning and realization


What Our Students Say
“To be part of Cris Christian Certification Program was a breakthrough in my life. Throughout the sessions I could find my life purpose and how to fulfill God’s calling.  After the certification I could launch my coach program to help women. Cris is so kind and guide us with excellence.”

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for partners, to sponsor students so we can train them to be professionals. This way we our service can be wide reaching, more effective, yet monitored to be continually developed and measured.


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You are paying for the Christian Coach's complete online training course.


🎯 International Certificate.
🎯 Certificate Recognized by MEC.
🎯 Unrestricted access to the lessons platform.
🎯 6 training modules.
🎯 Exclusive Lives.
🎯 Update of classes.
🎯 Close monitoring, I'll literally take you by the hand and guide you

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"Your participation is to rescue the lives

of those who were generated

in the bosom of Abraham, and are lost, or feeling that way."